Download Spotify Hacked Apk 2019 – Latest & Working Version

If you are a Music lover then you might have heard about Spotify. And you might also know that Spotify is not a free music app, you need to purchase it’s premium subscription to enjoy the service of Spotify. But still if you are not willing to pay a single penny then you don’t need to worry. As in this article we will share a download link to Spotify Hacked APK.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

What is Spotify Hacked APK?

spotify hacked apk

If you are a Music lover, then you might have heard about Spotify. Yes, It is world’s most rated Music Application which provides a millions of songs of different genres and languages. It Provides high quality songs and you can also download them. You can also create your own playlists and share them with your friends. It also has a beautiful and friendly user interface which is easy to handle. You can also adjust bass and treble of audio through its in-build Equalizer feature. Much more is need to explore.

It’s free till a limit and you have to pay a subscription amount for using additional features like high quality songs for both listen and download, ad free service, unlimited shuffle, unlimited repeats, etc. Premium Subscription costs $9.99/Month to enjoy all the services provided by Spotify. Still the restricted to some countries because of some reasons which makes it difficult to use it in restricted countries even if you want to purchase its premium.

Wait! Don’t worry, it was just to inform you about the application. You won’t need to pay a single penny and you can access to the latest version of Spotify Premium Apk anywhere in this world. How??? Just you keep reading this article till the end.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk:

Here are features you will get in Spotify Premium Apk:

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Seek FWD button added to information bar / tablet mod
  • Visual ads blocked (No more in-app banner ads)
  • Audio ads blocked (No more ads on Audio Screen)
  • Seeking enabled (Search for any song according to your requirement)
  • Unlimited shuffle (Continuously shuffle different songs unlimited times)
  • Choose any song (Choose any song to listen without any interruption)
  • Extreme audio unlocked (Stream music in Extreme Quality)
  • Repeats enabled (Repeat same song according to your needs)
  • Lite Version (Compressed from 38mb to 33mb)
  • No root permission is required

These were the most important features of Spotify premium apk. More you need to explore yourself. Excited? You should be. Keep reading, to get a download link for Latest version of Spotify Premium apk.

Download Spotify Hacked APK:

NameSpotify Hacked APK
Size30.98 MB
Last Updated03 March 2019


How to Install Spotify Premium Apk?

After downloading the latest version of Spotify Premium Apk, now you want to install it in your android device.

As i have already mentioned before, Spotify is restricted to some countries. So we will have to connect to the servers of those countries where the Spotify works. For that we will need a VPN application to connect to the servers of other countries. But this will be only one time task. Do follow all the mentioned steps below to successfully install and enjoy the Spotify Premium Apk.

Step 1 : First, Enable the Unknown Sources Option in you android device.

(Go to Settings > Lock and Security or Privacy > Swipe on “Unknown Sources” to enable it)

Step 2 : Now, Open the Spotify Premium Apk you have downloaded before and click on install.

Step 3 : Now, wait till the Installation Process ends.

Step 4 : Now Tap on OPEN. You have Successfully Installed Spotify Premium Apk in you Android Device.

Step 5 : Don’t Open it right now. You will need a VPN for Sign up or Log in to Spotify Premium Apk if you belong to Spotify restricted countries like India.

Step 6 : Now, Download or Install Turbo Vpn from Playstore or you can use any other Vpn as you like.

Step 7 : Open Turbo Vpn and Select “Canada” server. You can also select USA, UK or any other unrestricted country’s server to connect with VPN but our recommendation is “Canada” Server.

Step 8 : Now open Spotify hacked Apk.

Step 9 : Log in through your spotify email and password or Sign Up as a new account.

(Note – Connect with Facebook won’t work. It didn’t work for me too so better no to waste time on it)

Step 10 : Once you log in to Spotify hacked Apk, you won’t need VPN again. Disconnect the VPN to enjoy good internet speed.

(Note : Make sure, not to sign out from Spotify hacked Apk otherwise you will have to again have to connect with VPN to log in to Spotify Premium Apk)


In this article we have shared almost all the information of Spotify, features of Spotify hacked apk. Now go ahead and check out the app out and see how it is working  for you. Also, for any questions do feel free to comment below.

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